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Russian Citizen’s Ukrainian Lawyer Murdered

Looking for "hand of Moscow" in order to hide "hand of SBU"

Russian Citizen’s Ukrainian Lawyer Murdered

Lawyer Yuri Grabovsky, who defended the interests of Russian citizen Alexander Alexandrov in court was kidnapped and killed. Alexandrov is accused by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) of having links with the Russian Military Intelligence Service (GRU) and participating in Donbas events.

Yuri Grabovsky disappeared on March 5. He failed to appear at the next hearing in court. The lawyer’s body was found in a pit near one of the villages along the route Kiev – Odessa. The Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios revealed some of the circumstances of this death: the murder was committed by force with firearms. To put it simply, Grabovsky was shot.

Today, there are various versions of the crime. One of the main and, reputedly, the most likely, is connected with Grabovsky’s professional activities. The lawyer took a tough stand, talked about numerous inconsistencies in the case. Thanks to him, the charge of Ukrainian soldier murder was dropped. Grabovsky has proven that the caliber of weapon the investigator claimed Alexandrov killed the Ukrainian soldier with, and the size of wounds on the body didn’t match. However, the Ukrainian government, faithful to its anti-Russian principles, is looking for "hand of Moscow" in Grabovsky’s murder. Kiev follows its unproven and absurd version that can assure the “right” impression on the consciousness of the average person.

It turns out that the murder of Yuri Grabovsky is a well-planned operation of … Russian special services! It’s clear that this statement is absurd. To find out where the truth is, “follow the money”. What for would Moscow eliminate the lawyer who legally and effectively proved the innocence of the Russian citizen Alexandrov?

The SBU doesn’t consider it necessary to explain the Ukrainian society the motives of that “mysterious and malicious operation of Kremlin”. Intimidated, poor Ukrainian citizens confidently believe everything the government and state mass media say. Of course, there are many people who understand everything, but the Ukrainian reality makes them “keep a tight tip”.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova commented on the Kiev’s version of Grabovsky’s murder on her Facebook page. “Even the lawyer Yuri Grabovsky’s murder, who defended the interests of the Russian citizen in Ukrainian court, Kiev found “hand of Kremlin”!”, she wrote. In fact, there are three versions: interpersonal relations, domestic crime or the Russian special services’ interference. Cute.

Meanwhile, Grabovsky’s colleague Oksana Sokolovskaya believes that professional activities are the main reason for the murder. Sokolovskaya protects another Russian citizen, Evgeny Erofeev, who is accused of involvement in the fighting in the Donbas just like Alexandrov.

“We often talked about dangerous character of our job. Grabovsky and I regularly received threatening emails, messages on Facebook, we were constantly threatened verbally,” – Sokolovskaya said. Grabovsky was going to give light to some data confirming the innocence of his client. “In particular – Alexandrov is dismissed from the military service, there are no his combat involvement evidences, he had no weapons. There was quite a lot of evidence and statements from witnesses. Including the evidence confirming the mortar shelling was conducted by the Ukrainian troops from the territory controlled by them”, – she stressed. According to the lawyer, all documents disappeared along with Grabovsky. Sokolovskaya is sure that she is in danger too. “Now it’s my turn,” – she said anxiously.

Back in November 2015, Grabovsky said that the defense intends to present to the court documentary evidence that Alexandrov and Erofeev and are members of the Lugansk Peoples’ Republic militia. This would have denied the one of Kiev’s versions, that they are Russian GRU operatives. Grabovsky’s evidence would have allowed considering both clients prisoners of war, so they’d be under the Geneva Convention. Is this why Grabovsky was annihilated immediately?

But who organized and carried out the liquidation? It is known, for example, that the Ukrainian Military Prosecutor’s Office members threatened Grabowsky. This circumstance was pointed out by many experts, commenting on the mysterious death of Ukrainian lawyer. Director of the Kiev Center for Political and Conflict Studies Mikhail Pogrebinsky said in an interview with the newspaper “Vzglyad” (“View”) that Grabovsky directly accused the head of the Military Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine Anatoly Matios of influencing the investigation. Pogrebinsky noted that the Ukrainian mass media used this case in the propaganda war against Russia.

“I’ve looked through Grabovsky’s Facebook profile. I’m not sure who used this page, but it states that he was threatened and the threats lead to the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios. Grabovsky said that people in prosecutor’s office understood that they almost lost Alexandrov’s case, and so he started to receive threats. Ukrainian prosecutors say Russian special services may be involved. Well, that’s great! What security services? What are you talking about? The lawyer said that it could be Matios, and they talk about Russian special services”, – said Pogrebinsky.

And what about Anatoly Matios? He has already reported that the first suspect of Grabovsky’s murder is detained. "This is a Ukrainian citizen, who used fake law enforcement agencies ID cards as well as other people’s passports.” – said the chief military prosecutor of Ukraine. Others, involved in the murder, according to Matios’ version, left the territory of Ukraine. “All these actions were paid with huge amounts of money,” – he stressed.

In other words, Matios made it clear that the Ukrainian special services have no relation to the crime, and the killers had fake SBU IDs to bring the investigation to a false track and compromise the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, which, of course, are not involved in the crime. It’s impossible to believe in it. There is no doubt Matios said Grabovsky’s murder was well paid. It’s easy to find out the origin of the money. But whatever the criminologists say, Matios will go on pointing at Russia.

There is one more aspect of the issue, which is never talked about in Ukraine. Anti-Semitism, which always existed in Ukraine. And now, with the help of the Ukrainian nationalism, it has acquired an unprecedented scale. All the spiritual leaders of this monstrous phenomena – Ukrainian Nazis, who collaborated with Hitler, now are Ukrainian national heroes: Bandera, Shukhevych, etc. Their “haughty” faces and symbols – fascist swastika, “wolf hooks”, tridents – are on the Ukrainian flags, on panoramic panels, on posters, in schoolbooks. During the World War II, these “heroes” with a paranoid harshly killed the Jews (as well as with Russians and Poles). Their zealotry, barbarity and wild fanaticism affected even the fascist SS members.

It is possible that Yuri Grabovsky is the victim of anti-Semite, who was controlled by the SBU “specialists”.

Association of Advocates of Ukraine in its address expressed the hope that “all those involved in the murder of our colleague will be punished.” Hope springs eternal, but it’s at least naive to seriously count on a fair investigation and punishing the real murderers. The links of this despicable and dastardly crime go up too high.

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