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Estonian Ministry of Defense Propagates Nazism

in general education schools

Estonian Minister of Defense Jaak Jõerüüt has been supplying Estonian general education schools with teaching aids to be used in the military-patriotic classes taught at 73 Estonian schools. Among these materials is the film "The Soldiers of the Death's Head" cooked up by Estonian State TV Company. The film deals with Estonians who fought in the ranks of the 20th SS Division on the side of fascist Germany during WW2.

Earlier film director Vahur Lauri stated in Estonian media that he was interested "primarily in the motives for Estonians to have voluntarily enlisted in the German army, in particular the Waffen SS". "I am not speaking of those who were mobilized into the German army – mobilization that, by the way, up to 1944 was going rather sluggishly. And then, all of a sudden, when the war seemed to be coming to its end, we see massive enlistment and heroism. Of course, there was a feeling of revenge, and hopes for the restoration of independence cherished by some pre-war Estonian politicians who had lived through a year of the Soviet power. But then the mobilized men also had a choice – either fulfill the compulsory labor duty or join the Waffen SS. And they made their choice. It is its motives, I shall repeat myself, that are of utmost importance to us".

Vahur Lauri, based on the documents, newsreels, diaries and letters of those who fought on the German side, and interviews with those who are still alive, refutes the thesis of the forced mobilization of Estonians to the Waffen SS. He also rejects the assertion that those who joined the Nazi army allegedly had no choice. The "lack of choice" pretext has been used by the present-day Estonian authorities for brushing aside all international accusations of their encouraging the neo-Nazi sentiments in the country.

The film "The Soldiers of the Death's Head" would be distributed to all Estonian educational institutes. In a letter to the heads of the educational institutes the Estonian Minister of Defense has recommended using the Ministry's present as an aid in history classes.
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