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Russian Foreign Ministry sheds light on the situation in Syria

The situation keeps on being tense

29.06.2016 14:40

Russian Foreign Ministry sheds light on the situation in Syria

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia informed on the latest developments in Syria. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Maria Zakharova, Russia has appealed to all parties to the Syrian conflict to refrain from hostilities and strictly observe the ceasefire during the holy month of Ramadan.

However ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists kept on committing crimes and proceeded with direct armed provocations. These terrorist organizations are continuing their acts of intimidation against civilians. For example, in the Aleppo province ISIS militants are targeting ethnic Kurds. According to Kurdish activists, over the past week terrorists took hostage about 800 people, killing 11 and injuring over 20 as they tried to escape.

As for Lebanese media, ISIS fighters fired shells with toxic agents at the positions of Syrian armed forces in the Raqqa province. According to some reports, terrorists used a nerve gas and chlorine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia stressed that the call to support the ceasefire in Syria still held.

Besides, Russia pays particular attention to the provision by Russian armed forces and NGOs of humanitarian assistance to Syrian people. Recently, Federation Council member Ziyad Sabsabi, deputy head of the Hero of Russia Ahmad-Haji Kadyrov Regional Public Fund, visited Syria on a humanitarian mission. Under the fund’s charity programme, 25,000 Syrians are receiving free daily meals throughout the month of Ramadan. About 250 local volunteers representing various political movements and students’ associations are involved in the mission. The fund intends to distribute 120 tons of food (12,000 10-kilogram packages) to Damascus residents.

Even these humanitarian programmes and gestures, this specific humanitarian contribution, are opposed by the terrorists, Maria Zakharova reported. On June 15, in the Homs province, Andrei Timoshenkov, a serviceman of the armed escort for a Russian humanitarian aid convoy of the Russian Centre for Syrian Reconciliation, at the cost of his own life, prevented a car bomb from breaking through to a humanitarian aid distribution point.

The situation in Syria keeps on being tense. U.S.-backed armed groups, including terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra, violate ceasefire undermining the whole negotiation process. Meanwhile, the Syrian government supported by Russia and other states, have been making multiplied efforts to get the social-economic situation in the country stable. The Russian Air Force remains one of the key factors in this regard.

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