Iran to Return Spent Nuclear Fuel to Russia / News / News agency Inforos
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Iran to Return Spent Nuclear Fuel to Russia

An agreement has been signed between Russia and Iran to return spent nuclear fuel from the nuclear power plant (NPP) in Bushehr to Russia. The plant is being constructed with Russian technical assistance.

The document was signed after two days of talks in Tehran by Alexander Roumiantsev, head of the Russian Federal Agency for Nuclear Energy, and Gholam Reza Aghazade, Iran's Vice President and head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency. According to the agreement, spent nuclear fuel from the Bushehr NPP would be shipped backed to Russia. Any possibility of keeping stocks of weapon-grade plutonium at the NPP has been ruled out.

The launching of the first stage of the NPP in Bushehr is planned for next year. The cost of construction has been estimated at $1 billion. Stocks of nuclear fuel for the Bushehr NPP have already been built up and are kept at a site in Russia.

Russian-Iranian cooperation in the field of nuclear energy has been causing open irritation in the United States, which considers Iran as the main sponsor of international terrorism. Therefore Washington calls on Moscow to abandon all nuclear projects in Iran. Russian President V. Putin had to repeatedly declare that Iran's nuclear program is of a strictly peaceful nature.
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