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West indulges chemical terrorism

ISIS to attack Europe with chemical weapon

14.11.2016 18:16

West indulges chemical terrorism
Islamic State terrorists (IS, terrorist group, outlawed in Russia) recently attacked with poison gas Syrian government forces in Aleppo city. At least 44 Syrian soldiers were injured. This attack was the third in the past two weeks. West didn't have a time to breathe after the chemical disarmament of Assad regime as a "ghost" of the Syrian chemical weapons came back from nonexistence.

The fear of civilized Europe is quite understandable. Syrian conflict, regardless of its results, drew attention to the danger of using chemical weapons in Western countries. Early in the year the Pentagon confirmed that US special forces had captured IS fighter Suleiman Daoud Al-Afari, who previously served in the armed forces of Iraq and specialized in chemical and biological weapons. According to the CIA, IS is able to produce small amounts of toxic substances such as chlorine and mustard gas, and may use them in Europe. However, West hasn't still taken any effective measures to stop terrorists.

Chemical weapon isn't a kind of know-how. It was used by all major belligerents during the First World War. Attempts to limit the use of chemical weapons were taken in 1907, when it was banned on the Hague Conference. When the Second World War began society was againstthe use of such weapons of mass destruction. Moreover, the wife of the famous German chemist Fritz Haber shot herself to protest against her husband's works on the creation of chemical weapon.

In time, it was called "an atomic bomb for the poor" chemical weapons and attracted the attention of various terrorists and provocateurs all over the world. That's why the so-called "small victory of Russian diplomacy," concerned the destruction of toxic agents storages in Syria under international control, was very handy. Chemical weapons would inevitably be used, and Assad would be found guilty. However, this May the proposal of the Russian Federation and China for the closure of terrorist access to chemical weapons was rejected by the Western members of the UN Security Council.

 "It is regrettable that in conditions when it is necessary to immediately employ all available mechanisms to put a roadblock to the activities of chemical terrorists some of the United Nations Security Councils Western members use trumped-up pretexts to block the Russian-Chinese initiative aimed at checking the threat of production of chemical weapons in Syria and around it by terrorists," the Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said.

This position of Western countries is due to their own plans and interests. They want to blame Syrian Government and president Assad, who must allegedly resign, for the chemical attacks of terrorists. Is West ready abandon its goals, which will inevitably lead to disaster because of the risk of death to hundreds of Europeans?

Western politicians still hold the frame. An international mechanism to deny terrorist access to chemical weapons should be created in the near future, otherwise West will experience European analogue of Tokyo subway sarin attack.

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