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US Has Harsh Words to Say to Kiev

a propos of an assault on an Afro-American

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, speaking at the US Congress, stated that the US administration had demanded that the Ukraine authorities find and call to account those guilty of the assault on a black-skinned diplomat in Kiev.

"We have had a very tough talk with the Ukrainian government on the need to conduct an investigation and punish those who have committed the crime", stated C. Rice answering a congressman’s question about Washington's reaction to the assault on an employee of the American International Development Agency (USAID), Richard Simmons, on February 26, in Kiev.

According to the beaten-up Afro-American, he was attacked by a gang of skinheads wearing army boots. He believes he was beaten up precisely because of his black skin, as the skinheads did not touch his white friends.
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