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Top Military Academician Speaks

of the destinies of the Russian Army

President of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences (RAMS), Gen. Mahmut Gareyev, says that it is impossible to equip the Russian Army and Navy with modern weapons under the existing volume of funding. Gen. M. Gareyev was speaking at a military-scientific conference in Moscow dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the victory over fascist Germany.

"It is common knowledge that, at the present-day level of financing, it is impossible to equip the army and the navy with modern weapons either in 10, or 15 years, and without weapons there can be no powerful army", the RAMS President said.

According to the general, as the economic power of the state is growing, it is necessary to allocate over the next 10-12 years at least 3.5% of the gross national product for defense needs.

"The 2-2.5% the GNP normal in most Western countries is unacceptable for us, as after the collapse of the USSR our country has to rebuild the system of defense and all the related infrastructure", M. Gareyev said.
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