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Attempt on A. Chubais Made Professionally

first an explosion, then gun fire

Attempt on A. Chubais Made Professionally
First, an explosive device blew up in front of the motorcade carrying Anatoli Chubais, CEO of Russia's "Unified Energy Systems" Company (RAO UES). The blast power has been estimated at 500 grams of trotyl equivalent.

Reportedly, immediately after the explosion the cars were machine-gunned by unidentified gunmen wearing camouflaged uniform. Then the criminals took refuge in the forest.

The attackers seemingly made a mistake, having chosen the wrong car for their attack. According to some reports, the explosion was targeted at an escort car, and then the same car was machine-gunned.

According to member of RAO UES Management Board, A.Trapeznikov, neither A. Chubais, nor his bodyguards or the driver have been injured. Chubais' BMV X5 car is armor-plated.

The Press Service of the Moscow Office of the Public Prosecutor reports that a criminal case on the shelling of A. Chubais's motorcade has been opened charging "a murderous assault on two and more persons".
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