Expert: Fighting International Terrorism is Moscow's Top Priority in Libya / News / News agency Inforos
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Expert: Fighting International Terrorism is Moscow's Top Priority in Libya

Russia's goal is to prevent Libya from turning into another terrorism hotbed

29.06.2017 15:22 Vyacheslav Matuzov

Expert: Fighting International Terrorism is Moscow's Top Priority in Libya

Russia's ultimate goal in Libya is to prevent it from turning into another seat of International terrorist activity, Vyacheslav Matuzov, one of the leading Russian experts in Middle East policies, told the Inforos information agency.

Looking forward to economic and military cooperation between our countries is only natural. Russia is not the only one to consider the opportunities. There is Europe, US, China who would also like to develop similar contacts with that country. Yet, it would be wrong to consider money matters as primary reasons behind Moscow's policies in Libya. Our main goal is to prevent Libya from turning into yet another breeding ground of international terrorist activity.

We have already seen enough of the US performance in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen – you name it. Remember how Washington insisted on the ousting of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and bringing back Mohammad Morsi, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Islamist movement in Egypt.

That is yet another proof that Muslim Brotherhood movements constitute a base for all terrorist organizations operating in the Middle East now. MB operates under the cover and support from the US. Consider the memos sent by the US Ambassador in Cairo over a period of 2005-2010, describing in fullest detail President Mubarak's futile attempts to persuade Washington to support him, Americans' loyal friend, and not Muslim Brotherhood.

Now we see something similar going on in Jordan. King Abdullah II, a modern, clever, Western-educated leader is subject to US pressure, urging him to give full freedom to the Muslim Brotherhood activities, which spills from Jordan to Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

Obama's administration was planning to bring the MB to power in Libya, too, using the Qatar money, the military backing from Turkey and administrative support from London.  It is from London that Misrata militants get their financial support and instructions. These are the militants who slaughtered 140 servicemen of the Libyan national army, who were on their way back from the military parade in Benghazi.   

Yet, now the situation seems to be changing. We have already seen Donald Trump acting against Muslim Brotherhood on his visit to Riyadh – he actually unleashed the Saudi and other Gulf states going against Qatar for its links with MB and other terrorist organizations. Yet is Qatar the ultimate culprit? Was it acting on its own will, or was it pressed by Washington into supporting terrorists?   I wouldn't put all blame on Qatar. I believe Doha has rather become a victim of the US policy focused on building up terrorists' role in the region.   

Now the Libyan political landscape is changing as leaders of all Libyan tribes are sitting down tom talk. The only exception is the Misrata tribes who have openly supported terrorist groups of the MB movement. In that sense we speak common language with the Gulf monarchies, we understand Qatar's role. And we also support the Egyptian government. With high risk of terrorist threat coming from extremists' groups right across the border, the government in Cairo makes every effort to prevent the worst-case scenario. 

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