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Third Parties Must Not Interfere in EU-Russia Energy Cooperation

Third Parties Must Not Interfere in EU-Russia Energy Cooperation

Third parties should not impose their political decisions on energy cooperation between the European Union and Russia as it could harm European energy security, Mario Mehren, the CEO of Germany's largest oil and gas producer Wintershall, told Sputnik on Wednesday.

"The parameters of cooperation between the European countries and Russia in the field of energy supplies should be determined by these countries themselves, and should not be subject to political decisions by third parties," Mehren said, adding that Germany and the European Commission unanimously oppose the new extraterritorial US sanctions.

According to Mehren, sanctions should not be used as an element of promoting one's own economic interests, including the sales of US-produced liquefied natural gas (LNG).

"The supply of energy from Russia is an integral part of the European energy architecture, so any attempt to prevent supplies should be viewed as a threat to energy security of the entire [European] continent," Mehren stressed.

In early July, Siemens created a task force team to examine reports about the transfers of turbines produced by Siemens Gas Turbines Technologies, a joint venture with the Russian Power Machines company, to the Crimean peninsula. On Friday, the company said it had "credible information" that all four of its turbines intended for the project in southern Russia's Taman were illegally moved to Crimea. Siemens decided to annul a power plant equipment supply license agreement and suspend power equipment supplies to Russian state firms to devise new control measures.

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