A Street Named after "Hangman" Muraviev to Appear in Moscow / News / News agency Inforos
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A Street Named after "Hangman" Muraviev to Appear in Moscow

in response to a Dudayev Square in Warsaw

Speaker of the Moscow City Duma, Vladimir Platonov, says that in response to the naming of a Warsaw square after Djohar Dudayev Moscow may come up with an initiative of its own and rename "Klimashkin Street", the site of the Polish Embassy in Moscow, to become "Muraviev Street". General Mikhail Muraviev, nicknamed "the Hangman", is notorious for his cruelly crushing the 1863-1864 uprising in Poland when that country tried to exit the Russian Empire.

The Moscow City administration has already issued a statement accusing Polish legislators of inspiring terrorists to commit new crimes by touting the name of one of the leaders of international terrorism.

No official decision has been made so far, but V. Platonov thinks it right and proper to use graphic historical analogies in the political dialogue with Warsaw.
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