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Ex-Col. Kvachkov Officially Charged

with an attempt on Chubais's life

The Public Prosecutor's Office of the Moscow Region has opened a case against Vladimir Kvachkov suspected of attempting on the life of Anatoli Chubais, CEO of RAO "Unified Energy Systems of Russia". The retired colonel has been charged with a murderous assault and unlawful possession of ammunition.

V. Kvachkov's lawyers told journalists that their client has been charged under Article 30, 105, part 2 (murderous assault) and Article 222 (unlawful possession of ammunition) of the Penal Code of the Russian Federation.

However, V. Kvachkov himself denies his guilt. A confrontation has been conducted in the course of the investigation, but none of the witnesses could positively identify V. Kvachkov.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, V. Kvachkov, a retired senior officer, has allegedly organized and carried out the attempt against A. Chubais for ideological reasons. Witnesses say the culprits escaped from the site of the ambush in a green SAAB car, which was later found to belong to V. Kvackov's wife.

Besides, at the Kvachkovs' country house (they are A. Chubais's neighbors) some explosives have been found. Before his retirement V. Kvachkov himself was an expert in the use of explosives for sabotage operations.
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