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Georgian Pensioner No. 1

has no money to pay for electricity

Former Georgian president, Edward Shevardnadze, complains that he has not received his pension yet, though Mikhail Saakashvili has promised that the ousted president would be allowed to keep all the stipulated benefits, would receive a pension and retain a state-paid mansion.

According to Shevardnadze, he has not received his pension yet, and after his removal from power he has been living on his own savings.

Georgian mass media report that since January 2005 former Georgian president has run into arrears with electricity payments, which amount to about $3.5 thousand. The total sum of the arrears, including those for gas and water consumption, come up to $5 thousand.

For the time being, ex-president has managed to come to terms with the electrical distribution company on the protraction of the debt payments.
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