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Khodorkovski's Final Statement

the tycoon has asked for a medal

The trial of Yukos' top managers M. Khodorkovski, P. Lebedev and A. Krainov has come to a close in Moscow. On Monday A. Krainiv and M. Khodorkovski made their final statements in court. P. Lebedev refused to plea.

As was expected, M. Khodorkovski has not repented of anything and refused to plead guilty on any count. The former head of Yukos said that thanks to his purchase of unprofitable enterprises– through the schemes prevailing at that time, it became possible not only to save them from bankruptcy, but also create additional working places and set up profitable businesses.

At the time the state was just handing out its assets, said M. Khodorkovski, in order to shed all its social responsibilities. Therefore, for what Yukos has done to society its leaders deserve medals, not prison terms, said M. Khodorkovski.

The trial of M. Khodorkovski, P. Lebedev and A. Krainov has been going on for nearly a year. The Yukos top management was charged with a whole series of economic and criminal offences, including organization of killings on order. For its turn, the defense of M. Khodorkovski and P. Lebedev has tried to present the case as being of a political nature, having mobilized domestic and international public opinion in support of its clients.

The prosecution demanded that M. Khodorkovski and P. Lebedev be sentenced to 10 years of prison each, while A. Krainiv be given a conditional sentence of 5.5 years with a probation term of 5 years for having actively collaborated with investigating authorities. The sentences will be pronounced on April 27.
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