South Korea and the United States begin military exercises over the Korean Peninsula / News / News agency Inforos
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South Korea and the United States begin military exercises over the Korean Peninsula

South Korea and the United States begin military exercises over the Korean Peninsula

On Monday morning in the Republic of Korea will begin large-scale joint maneuvers of the South Korean Air Force and the United States Vigilant Ace 18. The exercises are planned in connection with the November 29 North Korea launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-15.

In the maneuvers that will end on December 8, there will be six F-22 Raptor fighters, six unobtrusive F-35A fighter-bombers, six EA-18G Growler fighters, dozens of F-15C and F-1 fighters, and 12 thousands of servicemen and more than 230 aircraft of the US Air Force and the Republic of Korea. According to the agency Yonhap, such a large-scale exercise demonstrates the strength of the two allies in order to exert pressure on Pyongyang.

From the Republic of Korea will be represented F-15K, KF-16, F-5 and other combat vehicles.

Military exercises will be performed by high-precision air strikes for educational purposes, which will be copies of North Korea's objects, as well as models of mobile missile launchers.

The command of the Seventh Air Army of the United States on Sunday said that the Vigilant Ace exercises, which are conducted by the two countries every two years, will be held in conditions as close as possible to reality, which will help strengthen the cooperation and combat readiness of the US Air Force and South Korea.

"Vigilant Ace 18 maneuvers are conducted to maintain peace and security on the Korean Peninsula, confirming the United States' desire for stability in Northeast Asia, a clear indication of the continued partnership, loyalty and friendship between Washington and Seoul," the document says.

With a sharp condemnation of the upcoming exercises, they spoke at the Foreign Ministry of North Korea. "Setting up an unprecedented exercise in which strategic assets such as the F-22 Raptor and F-35 aircraft will take part, Trump asks for a nuclear war," the diplomat noted. "The international community is extremely concerned about the actions of Washington holding military provocations with the involvement of nuclear strategic weapons, which brings the situation on the Korean peninsula to a dangerous point. "

They stressed that Washington launched a demonization campaign for the DPRK, which only pursues "a legitimate and just goal, strengthening its nuclear deterrent."

The Russian Foreign Ministry condemned both the nuclear missile adventures of the DPRK and the provocative behavior of the United States.

"We can not fail to condemn the provocative behavior of our American colleagues, they are dragging the Japanese and the South Koreans in the same direction, who will be the first victims in the event of unleashing a war on the Korean Peninsula," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

He pointed out that the Americans planned large military exercises around the Korean peninsula only in the spring of next year, they hinted that if the North Koreans use this pause and also do not disturb the peace, then it will be possible to start a dialogue.

"Now they announced the next exercise in December, there is a feeling that the US provoked the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un, so that he could not stand the pause, and fell to their provocation," Lavrov said.

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