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Russian President Sets Development Priorities

V. Putin addresses the Federal Assembly

In his annual address to the Federal Assembly, Russian President emphasized the need to raise the living standards of the people, strengthen law and order, develop democracy, improve the efficiency of state institutions, create optimal conditions for the development of civil society, and defend human rights.

"In the next few years, the salaries of the public sector workers should grow at least one and a half times quicker than consumer prices", said V. Putin, adding that he was referring to the minimum level below which the country had no right to go.

President also spoke of the necessity to continue fighting the threat of terrorism and to strengthen the national security.

In his annual address, President V. Putin stressed the acute character of the demographic problems facing the country and called for their speediest solution.

V. Putin insisted on ensuring the right of objective information for all the citizens as one of the top priorities of the state.

"We have to ensure our citizens the right of objective information, said the President. In this context, the bill on information openness of state bodies must be approved as soon as possible ".

Concluding his address, Russian President noted the importance of the Great Victory that allowed of safeguarding the principles of freedom, independence and equality of all people and nations.
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