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Arctic Research Community opens at Siberian university

Arctic Research Community opens at Siberian university

The Arctic Research Community at the Tyumen Industrial University was organized to promote the Arctic’s development topics among the students, the University’s press service said on Friday referring to Professor Galina Koleva.

"The backbone university has organized the Arctic Research Community; its main directions would be participation in conferences, scientific competitions and organization of educational lectures," she said. "These lectures will help the students to understand how unique and complicated that region is, to understand its special importance in the modern state policies."

The project was presented at the University during scientific-promotional lectures of the Tyumen State University’s Institute of Earth Studies’ Director Vitaly Khoroshavin.

"We are pleased to see students, who realize the current problems in the Arctic territories, and who also suggests solutions," the press service quoted the director as saying. "Students’ scientific work pushes us for development, and nowadays the most realistic way to begin student research is to join the existing scientific teams or to participate in grants."


The Tyumen Industrial University was established in 2015 in a merger of the region’s two leading technical universities. The University has seven large-scale projects, and one of them is devoted to the Arctic developments’ higher effectiveness.

The project on the Arctic’s development will continue to 2020. Within that time, the specialists in Tyumen will organize a center for raising effectiveness in the Arctic developments, will offer a complex model for development of the far-away Arctic territories.

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