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Trump's policy becomes more radical – political scientist

28.03.2018 15:14

Trump's policy becomes more radical – political scientist

Now the process of radicalizing Trump's policy is gaining momentum, an expert from the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Science Konstantin Blokhin said in an interview with agency "Inforos".

"When the US imposed sanctions against Russia, it was possible to talk about some pressure on Trump from the congress and public opinion in the US, but now the situation has changed. To my great regret, the matter is not in the pressure on Trump, the matter is US policy trends. The triumph of the neo-conservatives occurred in the United States. Neocons are the most aggressive part of the American establishment. The neocons were strong under Reagan and George W. Bush, and this fact confirms that the American elites made a choice not in favor of a constructive dialogue or in favor of freezing the escalation of conflict with Russia, but rather in favor of a worsening of the situation", Blokhin said.

According to him, another goal of Trump's policy is to seek to consolidate the West. "Washington and London understand that the West loses its leadership and hegemony in the world, and now the US and Britain are trying to initiate a new cold war on the basis of an anti-Russian factor and anti-Russian hysteria. The last expulsions of diplomats from the US and Europe resemble almost a crusade against Russia, and now the West is consolidating to first strike Russia, and then China. The US and EU countries simply stop further dialogue, and the improvement of relations with Russia is simply excluded", he stressed.

At the same time, the West will not be able to break Russia, the expert said. "The politicians who worked under Reagan are now back in power and they want to repeat their policies that worked against the USSR. But the situation has changed; the Russian society has become more consolidated and more stable than in the late Soviet period. On the contrary, such a policy against Russia will only strengthen Russian society", Blokhin noted.  

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