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The suspicious silence of London

The British government refuse to comment on the "Skripal сase" ...

12.04.2018 14:34 Alex Gordon

The suspicious silence of London

Yesterday British diplomats once again ignored journalists' questions about the investigation of the mysterious poisoning of former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) did not even publish the official version of what happened.

However, no one is surprised at this behavior of the Foggy Albion's authorities. Now British Prime Minister Theresa May and her entourage feverishly "cover their tracks", trying to get out of a sensitive situation. Immediately after the "double agent" and his daughter were found unconscious near a shopping center in Salisbury, May accused the Russiansecurity services of trying to kill Skripal. At the same time the new  "Iron Lady" did not bother to wait for the conclusions of the Scotland Yard investigation.

Meanwhile, American expert Mitchell Feierstein finds a logical explanation for the actions of the head of the British government. According to him, May accused the Kremlin of Scripal's poisoning to return the image of a strong and, thereby, to strengthen his own influence within the ruling elite.

That is why the British government initiated a European-wide campaign to expel Russian diplomats. However, not all have taken at May's word. Many European countries have demanded from Britain to provide irrefutable evidence of the Kremlin's involvement in the poisoning of a former GRU officer. In addition, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey categorically refused "diplomatic demarche" against Russia. Against this background, London exerted frank pressure on the governments of the EU countries, seeking to force them to take anti-Russian measures. In particular, the Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneisl publicly complained about the hard pressure from the British ambassador to Vienna.

Obviously, May was so obsessed with the desire to "punish Moscow" that she had lost all caution. The FCO published a tweet in which it announced that the fact of the production of the nerve agent "Novichok" in Russia is proved. What was the general surprise when the next day the head of the British military chemical laboratory "Porton Down" Gary Aitkenhead publicly announced the impossibility to establish the exact place of production of the "nervous agent". Publicly disgraced, May prefers to refrain from any statements. The British Prime Minister finally realized: any reckless words will be used against her and this fact will put an end to her political career.

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