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Boris Johnson's pants on fire

15.04.2018 18:19

Boris Johnson's pants on fire

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has confirmed that Sergei Skripal and his daughter were attacked with a nerve agent, but did not identify the origin. OPCW experts called it a “toxic chemical”. And, like Porton Down, they could not say it had emanated from Russia.

The OPCW said in its report: “The results of analysis by the OPCW designated laboratories of environmental and biomedical samples collected by the OPCW team confirm the findings of the United Kingdom relating to the identity of the toxic chemical that was used in Salisbury and severely injured three people.”

“The team notes that the toxic chemical was of high purity. The latter is concluded from the almost complete absence of impurities. The name and structure of the identified toxic chemical are contained in the full classified report of the secretariat, available to states parties,” the public report reads.

The OPCW report does not involve the name ‘Novichok’, but Boris Johnson jumped on the chance to blame Russia again. “There remains no alternative explanation about who was responsible – only Russia has the means, motive and record,” Mr. Johnson said, despite the report from the OPCW offering no new findings beyond what the UK's Porton Down laboratory has already found.

Earlier the British Foreign Secretary claimed that he had had a conversation in person with an expert, who had made the statement on April 3. According to Mr. Johnson, the expert had told him that the attempt to poison a former Russian spy was the work of Russia and nobody else could do it.

And again, Mr. Johnson provided no evidence. His statements concerning the Salisbury incident are an empty talk. The British Foreign Secretary just mislead the public and exacerbate political difficulties with Russia.


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