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It's time to expel American and British diplomats from Europe

18.04.2018 13:46

It's time to expel American and British diplomats from Europe

London has been slick about the Salisbry incident. Theresa May attempted to divert attention from Brexit and justify coordinated US, British and French air strikes on Syria.

Ivalyo Grouev, Professor of Political Science, University of Ottawa, claims that the Skripal affair followed by the missile strikes on Syria appear to be largely fabricated as a pretext for a new cold war. The expert gives at least 11 reasons for the anti-Russian campaign launched by the UK. These are, for example, Theresa May’s willing to get her poll numbers up; distract the British electorate from the rather raucous Brexit divorce, as London should pay a Brexit bill of “at least €60 billion”; besmirch the Opposition Labor Party, which was dramatically gaining strength before the Skripal affair, and blaming Jeremy Corbyn for his soft stand on Russia; halt the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline; upset the World Cup in Russia in 2018, etc.

British partners, who supported the collective expulsion of Russidan diplomats, now they want to get hard evidence. Scotland Yard cannot determine the cause of the Salisbry incident. At first the detectives said that the nerve agent gel had been smeared on the handle of Sergei Skripal's front door. And now they say that the poison was in liquid form.The Swiss state Spiez lab which has studied samples from Salisbury that London handed over to the OPCW, found that they contained the BZ nerve agent and its precursor, never produced in the USSR and Russia.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said: "That laboratory, where, I am convinced, professional scientists work, who value their reputation, made the following conclusions. Now I am going to cite the document. The analysis of the samples uncovered traces of the toxic chemical BZ and its precursors falling into the second category of chemical weapons under the Chemical Weapons Convention."
"The abovementioned ‘formulas’ have been in service in the United States, the United Kingdom and some other NATO members. Neither the Soviet Union nor Russia has ever developed or stockpiled similar chemical weapons," Lavrov explained.

"It has come to our attention that, according data from the Swiss center for radiology and bacteriological analysis in Spiez, that has been received confidentially, the experts of the center on May 27 concluded the research of the samples received from the OPCW, which were selected by the OPCW at the site of poisoning in Salisbury," Lavrov added.

Theresa May's attempts to demonize Moscow now turn against London and its allies, as the OPCW did not deny Lavrov's statement. In this regard, Eric Noirez, the deputy of Popular Republican Union, a French political party, tweeted: "The poison in the Skripal case was ultimately of American or British origin, France and all the countries of the EU must, for the sake of coherence, expel all the American and British diplomats. No?"

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