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ECHR takes care of migrants' rights, not native Europeans

19.04.2018 16:19

ECHR takes care of migrants' rights, not native Europeans

The Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers, which supervises the implementation of the European Court of Human Rights' judgments, closed a record number of 3,691 cases last year. Nevertheless, there were 7,584 pending cases at the end of 2017. But the key challenges remain unsolved. Recently, the number of cases, such as those related to unresolved conflict zones in Europe, has increased.

For example, in recent years the flow of migrants from Africa and the Middle East to Europe has. The ECHR often grants a judgment to refugees without proper consideration. The ECHR condemns practices of returns of  migrants by law enforcement and border control officials from a number of EU member states. It rests responsibility on on European countries, where refugee reception capacities often reached or exceeded their limits. Migrants try to illegally cross the border into EU member states, violating local laws, having a fake I.D.
Moreover, terrorists infiltrate Europe among the refugees. They destabilize the region and organise terrorist attacks.

The ECHR draws attention only to the violation of the rights of illegal migrants, trying to blame it on the EU member states. It omits to mention rights, security and freedom of about native Europeans, violated by refugees who takes Europe's hospitality for granted and do not respect European rules and values.

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