S. Lavrov: Chechen Terrorists Implicated in Islamist Revolt in Uzbekistan / News / News agency Inforos
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S. Lavrov: Chechen Terrorists Implicated in Islamist Revolt in Uzbekistan

Russian authorities dispose of data related to the involvement of Chechen terrorists in the events in the town of Andijan in Eastern Uzbekistan, says Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov.

"We have information indicating that behind the events in Uzbekistan are a number of Islamist extremists, some structures of the "Uzbekistan Islamic Movement", the remnants of Taliban and some Chechen terrorists", S. Lavrov told journalists.

"We have been checking on this information, and we would like to establish a dialog with those who have information concerning these events", added S. Lavrov. The statement was made after a tripartite meeting of foreign ministers of Russia, China and India during which the situation in Uzbekistan was discussed.

"We support the view that an investigation of the matter is called for", stressed the Russian minister, noting that a special commission has been set up in the Uzbek legislative assembly for the purpose.

"We shall wait for its findings, said S. Lavrov. But an investigation is also needed to find how this situation has come about, how an armed group of people could penetrate Uzbek territory, how they could capture people, weapons, buildings".

As has been reported earlier, 169 people died, according to official data, when government forces put down a revolt in Andijan in the east of Uzbekistan, on May 3. Uzbek authorities charged the extremist organization "Hizb-ut-Tahrir" as implicated in the events.
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