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Skripal could share Berezovsky

The "double agent" was a liaison between the British and Czech special services ...

14.05.2018 12:44 Alex Gordon

Skripal could share Berezovsky

A few days ago, an article was published on the pages of the popular Czech newspaper "Respect", its authors argue that the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal secretly visited Prague in 2012 and met with representatives of the country's special services. According to journalists, the "double agent" could be an intermediary between the intelligence services of Great Britain and the Czech Republic.

"Skripal visited Prague at least once, in 2012. Despite the fact that it was a brief visit, this trip was useful for the local intelligence services. Representatives of Czech security services later met with the former Russian spy at least once in the United Kingdom", the newspaper said.

In this context, the recent statements of the Czech leader Milos Zeman acquire special significance. The President recognized the production of the nerve agent "Novichok" in the Czech Republic. More than two months ago, Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia were poisoned with this nerve agent.

Despite the desire of Czech parliamentarians to disavow the president's words, experts do not exclude that the attempt to kill the "double agent" may be related to his role as a kind of "liaison" between the intelligence services of Great Britain and the Czech Republic. Perhaps the security services in both countries feared that Skripal would publicize the information he had received during the "special mission".

In addition, Skripal's  close friend Vladimir Timoshkov in an interview with the BBC said that the former GRU officer wanted to return to his homeland. According to the publication, Skripal planned to send a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he wanted to ask for forgiveness and the opportunity to come to the country to see his close relatives – mother and brother.

Meanwhile, the poisoning of Skripal is suspiciously similar to the circumstances of the mysterious death of the runaway Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. The destitute businessman also planned to leave the UK and return to Russia. The sudden Berezovsky's death destroyed these plans.

Anyway, Skripal became too dangerous for the special services and the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic. We can not exclude that the "men in black" have decided to get rid of unwanted witness, turned into a "horse glue".

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