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Chechen Connection in P. Khlebnikov's Assassination Case

has been fully confirmed

The Russian General Prosecutor's Office has announced the completion of the investigation of the assassination of American citizen Paul Khlebnikov, editor of the Russian version of the "Forbes" magazine.

"The investigation has been completed, the men charged with Khlebnikov's killing have begun reading the materials of the criminal case", a spokesman of the General Prosecutor's Office told journalists.

Paul Khlebnikov, a well-known American journalist, editor of the Russian version of the "Forbes" magazine - a popular publication for businessmen, was assassinated last July 9. The journalist was gunned down in the vicinity of his magazine's Moscow office and died at a municipal hospital.

P. Khlebnikov's assassination caused deep public resonance not only in Russia, but also abroad. In connection with the case, Chechen natives Moussa Vakhayev and Kazbek Doukouzov were detained.

As was revealed in the course of the investigation, in July 2004 Vakhayev and Doukouzov pulled up their "Zhigouli" car with a forged number plate to the office in Dokoukin Street, where the journalist worked, and when he was leaving the building shot at him at least 10 times from a "Makarov" pistol.

Both suspects were detained in Minsk on November 17, 2004, by Byelorussian Internal Ministry operatives on request of the Russian special services and subsequently extradited to Russia.

The General Prosecutor's Office also named the man who ordered the killing, it is Khoj-Akhmed Noukhayev, former Chechen "field commander" who became the main character of P. Khlebnikov's book "Talking to a Barbarian". Noukhayev was also one of the functionaries of the so-called "Government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria".
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