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CSTO Summit in Moscow

top priorities identified

A session of the Collective Security Council of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) was held in the Kremlin. At present the CSTO comprises Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan and Armenia. At the end of the meeting the presidents of the six CSTO countries approved 11 documents and the Political Declaration of the Heads of State.

In the Political Declaration, the heads of state came out against "any attempt to revise the results of the Second World War, the moral and ethical assessments of that armed disaster of the 20th century".

In addition, the Council appointed Yuri Balouyevski, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, as Chief of the CSTO Joint Staff for the duration of the following inter-session period.

The presidents approved top-priority lines of CSTO activities during the second half of 2005 – first half of 2006 and the Plan of Basic Actions for a complex promotion of inter-state cooperation, formation and development of the collective security system within the CSTO framework for 2006-2010.

The heads of state also approved the documents "On the concept of the program of military-technical cooperation of the CSTO member states for 2006-2010", "On the inter-state commission for the CSTO military-economic cooperation" and a number of other documents.

Commenting on the results of the meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin told journalists at a press conference closing the event: "We intend to build up our relations with the NATO on a bilateral and a bloc basis. We have made an offer, on behalf of the CSTO, to establish contacts. Tomorrow our guest will be the NATO General Secretary. We shall discuss these issues with him". The Russian leader also thinks it would be good to consider the possibility of using the CSTO forces for accomplishing peacekeeping missions.

The Russian President said that the CSTO heads of state expressed their grave concern with the continued functioning of terrorists' training camps and bases on Afghan territory, some of these run by foreign special services, as well as the inefficiency of the steps taken to fight the drug threat and drug trafficking.

He noted that the CSTO member countries are providing assistance to Afghanistan in the post-war reconstruction. "Today we exchanged views on how we can make our assistance more effective", added V. Putin.

The heads of state endowed V. Putin with the powers of Chairman of the CSTO Council. The next SCTO summit will be held in Minsk in 2006.
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