A. Lukashenko Set to Stop "Brain Drain" / News / News agency Inforos
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A. Lukashenko Set to Stop "Brain Drain"

Byelorussian president Alexander Lukashenko accused foreign grant donors of ideological expansion.

"In Byelorussia, during the past few years, we managed to put a brake on the activity of foreign grant donors who, under the cover of humanitarian aid, were carrying out ideological expansion, organizing emigration of our specialists and scientists, actually stealing our country's intellectual property", said Lukashenko at a meeting with gifted young people.

According to A. Lukashenko, in the mid-90s graduates of higher institutions and cultural workers were anxious to leave for abroad, so it was proposed to create presidential funds for supporting gifted youths.

Byelorussian law is fairly strict in regulating the provision and receipt of foreign grants. Last year A. Lukashenko demanded that leaving the country to get education abroad be restricted.
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