U.S. troubled by development of Russian-Iranian relations – expert / News / News agency Inforos
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U.S. troubled by development of Russian-Iranian relations – expert

Progress in Russian-Iranian relations worries the United States, political analyst Vyacheslav Matuzov said

U.S. troubled by development of Russian-Iranian relations – expert

            The withdrawal of Iranian-backed forces from Syria will be high on the agenda of a meeting between Russian and U.S. presidents, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, the Bloomberg news agency reported on July 6.

            "This is absolute nonsense, because Russia cannot decide for Syria who it should rely on in its fight against terrorism. Firstly, this issue is for Syria to decide, and President Putin and Russia will not attempt any agreement behind Syria's back. Secondly, Russian-Iranian relations are gradually expanding, which becomes a source of utmost concern for the U.S. and Israel. Their attempts to undermine Russian-Iranian relations have so far been futile. And if there is 'a hope' that Trump can solve this issue, I think this is a profound mistake," Matuzov said.

            However, "Russia has strategic interests in the Middle East, and no verbal arguments are likely to change the position of the Russian diplomats. It is now rumored that Russia has allegedly stricken 'a deal' with Israel and the U.S. and is ousting Iranians from Syria in exchange for Americans keeping a blind eye on Syria and to keeping President Bashar Assad and his government in power. However, this is not Russia's foreign policy style. Russia has no intention of turning into a power that is ruling the world. This is rather the approach of the U.S. Relations between states should be based on equal basis, on the basis of international law and the UN Charter. This is a dominant approach in Russia’s foreign policy, and of President Putin. As for President Trump, it characteristic of the U.S. – and we have seen that many times –not to respect international law – like it was in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, and Libya. That is why in my opinion this whisper is nothing but provocation aimed at undermining Russian-Iranian relations," Matuzov said.

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