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Give Russia Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free

South African Boer farmers consider moving to Stavropol

10.07.2018 17:11 Tim Kirby, political analyst

Give Russia Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free

Russia taking in thousands of refugees of European ethnicity seems like something that only years ago would be considered “Fake News’ but this is a reality and it is a very important development for Russia from a soft-power standpoint.

So far the first 30 families of what could be up to 15,000 South African Boers have arrived in Stavropol, Russia fleeing the racial politics of the current government. It is important to note that Stavropol is a major food producing region and it is expected that the Boers will work the land just as they did in South Africa.

The Mainstream Media presents South Africa as a nation which bravely fought to break the horribly racist policies of Apartheid. The problem is that they neglect to mention the fact that the new government which came to power thanks to the work of Mandela also practices horribly racist policies just in a different direction. Sadly all that has changed is the skin tone of the racists in power.

Members of Parliament like Julius Malema openly promote taking land owned by ethnic Europeans either by law or simply by violence . This public anger at Non-Africans owning the majority of South Africa’s lands has lead to at least 82 murders and hundreds of vaguely categorized “incidents” just this year. But regardless of statistics, Boer farmers are feeling a lot of hostile pressure on the lands where they have lived for many generations. They are getting a loud message from public figures like Malema, that the multi-ethnic African population will “shoot to kill” regarding the Boers and other Whites.

One would think that those who are offended by possibly racially insensitive comments from politicians in the West would be enraged by calls to violence and actual legally-based systemic racism in South Africa. But alas, Cultural Masochism in mainstream Europe is so deeply ingrained that no celebrities could ever believe that Europeans are experiencing oppression from their neighbor Africans. And those who are aware of this, seeing the world through a Cultural Marxist filter, celebrate this oppression (and murders), considering it as a just punishment for colonization - the Boers “getting what they deserve”.

And this is where Russian soft-power comes into play. Russia has just sent a massive set of soft-power messages to those who are willing to listen. This abstract signal looks something like...

Russia acknowledges that there is and can be oppression of Europeans (Russia is not Culturally Marxist)

Russia is willing to take in Europeans who feel crushed by their own nations of origin.

Russia offers a certain kind of freedom that cannot be found in the West where the Boers cries were ignored.

I have many times over the years during speeches and in interviews across Russia said that this great nation needs to offer itself as an “alternative to the West” because as a copy of the West it consistently fails to deliver.

If Russia can show itself as a family-friendly alternative to Europe this could be very attractive to Christians and Traditionalists in high-places with strong professional skills. I personally know people who work in Ivy League American universities who are terrified to share their political beliefs publically. At any moment one SJW’s could start a Twitter storm that could lead to a career in education ending in a matter of days.

Much in the way that Communism shoved out all the White-Russian intelligentsia forcing them to move to and serve the West, the Cultural Marxist yoke in Europe and North America is putting pressure on its enemies who currently have nowhere to go except Russia. Russia is different enough to offer freedom but similar enough to feel comfortably “European”. This is very unique as places like Singapore and Dubai offer great opportunities however, for the oppressed in the West they are unlikely to feel like home. 

Russia, through moves like accepting the Boers, could present itself as “the last truly European” nation where the oppressed in Europe can be as Christian and Conservative as they like. Russia as a nation has suffered greatly from brain drain and with these sorts of PR moves it would be easy to reverse the flow or at the very least create a very different very positive image in the minds of Europeans.

As it stands today Russia is against Apartheid, where the majority of local Africans were forced to the bottom of the system on their own lands and against the oppression and killing of Boer farmers because of their race. Being against racial oppression and murder regardless of who is doing the murdering and oppressing is a good position to be in for Russia as a civilization. At the very least it is great PR and an absolutely correct move by Russia.

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