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Friday the State Duma passed a bill amending the Federal Law "On Advertising" and Article 14.3 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation. The law is aimed at restricting the advertising of gambling and betting and at protecting minors against enticement therein.

According to the new law, the advertising of gambling houses is authorized in TV and radio programs only from 22.00. to 07.00. local time. It is prohibited to circulate it in the premises of railway and bus stations, airports, in the underground.

The contents of the corresponding advertisements will also change. They must not create an impression that gambling is of any importance in achieving social or personal standing, or can contribute to solving monetary problems; nor discredit persons averse to gambling; nor give an illusion that winning is assured or its probability is high; nor omit any special conditions or limitations for taking part in gambling or conditions of paying out the winnings, if such conditions or limitations do exist; nor be directly addressed to minors; nor use images of people and animals; nor be circulated in any form through TV and radio programs and publications for minors.
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