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If You Want Peace, Prepare for Lies

Trump talks peace, increases military spending

24.07.2018 14:23 Tim Kirby, political analyst

If You Want Peace, Prepare for Lies

Donald Trump ran on a platform that was anti-politically correct, pro-business, pro-peace and ready to improve US-Russian relations. However, many, except for myself, were quickly filled with a sense of betrayal when Trump increased military spending to a record high $700 billion per year. I personally was not ready to call Trump a traitor to his campaign promises at that moment, and now after half of his first, of hopefully two terms, Trump has essentially held down the Military Industrial Complex, which is always hungry for a new conflict and enemy to fight.

Keep The Military Happy

In terms of Trump’s peacefulness there is the bizarre exception of when he allowed missiles to be sent at Syria for seemingly only one barrage, the vast majority of which were shot down. To this day we can only begin to guess what this unusual event was meant to achieve. Possibly it was to send some sort of signal to the Deep State and the Military Industrial Complex that Trump was willing to play ball? Because it accomplished nothing militarily and the results should not have been a surprise to US military experts.

If the missiles weren’t a signal to those groups, then definitely the aforementioned $700 billion budget increase sure was. It is impossible to determine someone else’s motivations, however this budget bump looked like a signal wrapped in a bribe. Trump essentially said, to them “don’t worry, you will be able to live very well in peaceful times, I will not attack your establishment, let’s be friends”.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that Trump is willing to appease the Military Industrial Complex in order to change US foreign policy to what he sees as an “America First” position. We already know that Trump is willing to lie to pretty much anyone to get what he wants so why not just lie to “The Swamp” in order to make peace?

In our times there is a sort of unofficial understanding that the Military Industrial Complex needs an enemy to feed its ever-growing hunger for resources. First it was the Soviet Union which was an excuse to arm and defend countless countries that no one can either spell or find on a map. Then we see the shift to fighting the Middle East be it Iraq, Afghanistan or just Islamic terrorists in general. Since the 2008 war in Georgia we can see that the fear mongering has slowly shifted back to Russia. As soon as the conflict in Georgia ended all the big media outlets were filled with various pundits demanding to arm Europe with all sorts of new goodies. It looked like a mass of used car salesmen going on CNN to make the taxpayers buy an anti-rocket lemon of one kind or another.

However, at this point America as a superpower is so established and engrained that I do not think that it requires an enemy for America to justify having the most expensive military force in the world. Let’s just say that tomorrow Russia and any other potential “threats” submitted to the West, would US military spending go down in this era of Pax Americana? Absolutely not. No politician at this point could ever get the political will to shrink military whether it is needed or not. The beast has grown and cannot be shrunk not by anything including peace.

“Trump Doctrine” – Let’s Have It

So, I would argue that Trump could essentially buy Peace by preparing some sort of “Trump Doctrine” that would declare that regardless of circumstances the US must have by far the most expensive military in the world and that the US has total domain over Western Europe and the Western hemisphere (minus Cuba, probably).

Firstly, if Trump were to provide a doctrine where the Military Industrial Complex always gets between 5 or 10 times more than any other nation on earth regardless of circumstances then they will approve it. This reduces risk and guarantees income, and for the masses it guarantees peace. If you can get paid by working or the same by not working, then one will surely not work and we do not need the machines of war to be hungry for income.

Secondly, while Russia is still very weak and China has no hold over the Pacific and Central/South America this would be a good time to clarify spheres of interest. America still holds the biggest hand and Russia would surely agree to those terms as would China.

Obviously, Russia and China do not need to sign off on US doctrine but a deal could be worked out with them to establish spheres of interest according to a Trump doctrine which would essentially eliminate any possible causes for new conflicts in the near future.

If Trump were to enact this type of doctrine there would no longer be a need for finding new enemies, and a different, better foreign policy could be enacted, while America would be able to maintain its rightfully terrifying military and have an absolutely massive sphere of influence over the world confirmed by its only two possible competitors.

Is it true that the US must have 10 times the power of anyone else to retain its superpower status? No, but that does not matter, it will keep the Military Industrial Complex in check and allow for a more peaceful world at a cost $700 billion(ish) a year which would be spent anyway. Let’s have some of Trump’s lies start working for a better tomorrow. We need a Trump doctrine and we need it now.   

Trying to directly fight the massive hydras that are the Deep State and Military Industrial Complex is completely impossible. No amount of witty tweets and Pepe the Frog memes from President Trump will be able to do this. You cannot attack these organizations but you can shift their nature to being something more productive for America. As long as “America is Made Great Again” we can make some compromises or else we will lose America entirely.

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