Israel’s strike hit Islamic State terrorists in Syria / News / News agency Inforos
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Israel’s strike hit Islamic State terrorists in Syria


Israel’s strike on the Syrian territory on July, 25 hit militants and missile systems of the Islamic State terrorist group (outlawed in Russia), the Russian defense ministry said on Thursday, TASS reports.

According to the ministry, at 21:30 Moscow time on Wednesday, "seeking to provoke Israel’s strike on positions of the Syrian government army," Islamic State militants fired missiles at Israel’s territory from the settlements of Hafa and al-Shajara in the al-Quneitra governorate.

"All Islamic State terrorists and missile systems were destroyed by a pin-point retaliation strike of the Israeli Defense Forces warplanes and artillery," the ministry said.

According to the Russian defense ministry, the command of Russia’s taskforce in Syria thanked the Israeli military for preventing a big provocation by terrorists and exterminating militants.

The Israeli Defense Forces’ press service reported earlier that the Israeli military destroyed a missile system in Syria that had fired two missiles towards Israel. According to the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, the missile system was used by Islamic State.

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