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No One Actually Believes Trump is a Traitor

At least no one acts as if they believed he is.

No One Actually Believes Trump is a Traitor

We all may say that we believe in something, but often our actions indicate otherwise and nothing epitomizes this phenomenon more than the Presidency of Donald Trump. Currently the “America Was Never Great” crowd rage with a flurry of keystrokes and taps about the “collusion” and “treason” of Trump with the Russians. 

We will ignore the fact that every presidential candidate from both parties for decades has taken money from foreign donors and that many other figures in US politics on both sides of the isle have connections to Russian businessmen and have had meetings with Putin. But this doesn’t matter because these are facts and reason and what actually matters in this discussion is belief. If people truly believe something, then it will surely affect their actions. However, judging by that logic, it would seem that very few people actually believe any of this anti-Trump hysteria.

When The Donald was first taking office there was (and to a great degree still is) much talk that the billionaire would bring about Fascism. Fascism in the horrific Nazi Germany in Eastern Europe in 1941 sense of the word. Even someone as prestigious and intelligent as former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright alluded to this sort of imagery in the New York Times. This is no hack blogger or actor but someone who is fully aware of what they are writing. Speaking of hack bloggers, the Huffington Post carefully said that Trump isn’t a literally Fascist but he basically is one anyways due to his “state of mind”. Take from that what you will. 

So, if one really believed that Trump would bring about real Nazi-style Fascism, that would work to death or gas all the Black Americans I went to high school with, then what should the proper reaction to this belief be? According to the anti-Trumpers it would be to wear a “pussy hat” and stand around for a bit with signs. We should all be thankful the Soviet Union did not use this tactic in the early 40’s.

Seriously, if you believe that an absolutely brutal dictatorship with genocide in its eyes is on the rise do you really think some sort of peaceful protest would change their mind? Was the biggest mistake of Germany’s Jews a lack of public demonstration? Were their anti-Hitlerian catch phrases just not peppy enough? If I seriously thought everyone that is Black on my Facebook friends list was going to get murdered, wouldn’t that justify or demand extreme action?  No one actually takes action as if Trump was forging an American Reich.

As I write these words, Pompeo is desperately trying to convince the Senate that Trump has taken actions against Russia, i.e. he is not a traitor or Manchurian candidate. This is all coming about due to the feeling by his detractors that somehow Trump is a Russian agent. Again, this is not an issue of facts but beliefs, if the millions of people who are against Trump and believe there is collusion, actually believed their country was purchased two years ago by Vladimir Putin, then you’d think they’d do something about it other than blogging.

If someone really believes the US is in the hands of an “evil” foreign power then why are they just going about their daily lives as usually occasionally making Facebook posts about their traitor leader? If Trump really was a traitor, then America may have found itself in the middle of a Civil War 2.0 scenario as some governors and military would side with the Trump camp and others against it. The fall of the most powerful country on earth would surely not come peacefully. Any major changes of power where the old elite is removed by force results in huge waves of violence and suffering of the masses. Look at the French, Russian, and Chinese revolutions where the elites were changed by steel, these are not very pretty historical events.

But we don’t see anything like this, we see people in suits making weak accusations on CNN, because none of them deep down believe that America is in the hands of Mr. KGB.

Now let’s suppose the opposite, that Trump is both a Fascist and a Russian puppet and that I am just blind to the truth of the situation. In this scenario we then see the utter helplessness of the average person. He can see the rise of Fascism right in front of his face, he knows the death camps are coming and yet all he can do is click the share button. He can see America in the hands of an evil empire of “homophobic laws” and “brutal annexation” and yet there is no amount of online whining that will change this fact.

If Trump is a Nazi and collaborator then this proves how completely helpless any normal person is to actually do anything about this situation. If Trump is neither of these things then it demonstrates that by the pathetic level of action (or high level of inaction) deep down everyone knows the charges against him are “trumped up”. Or, is it a combination of multiple factors?

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