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West is afraid of truth about MH17 crash

Dutch journalists doubt the conclusions of the investigation team regarding the circumstances of the MH17 tragedy...

03.08.2018 12:27 Alex Gordon

West is afraid of truth about MH17 crash

The other day the Dutch Public Prosecutor's Office representatives said that in the case of the Boeing MH17 crash "almost everything is clear". However, local journalists reasonably doubted the conclusions of the investigation.

In particular, the Dutch journalist Stefan Beck is puzzled why the investigators did not bother to collect all the plane's large wreckage. Due to the fact that many fragments of the aircraft were not taken out for undertake investigative measures, the lay out the pieces of the Boeing after its crash was not carried out. Meanwhile, this is the basis for any investigation into the air crash.

"The reason of the Boeing crash near Amsterdam in 1992 was a faulty bolt. Initially, the main version of the tragedy was called a terrorist act, but after researching the engine bolt, it was found that its anchorage broke due to metal fatigue. There are so many unexplored fragments that without their research it is impossible to draw any conclusions", he said.

Another Dutch journalist Eric van de Beek agree with him. According to him, in the case of the MH-17 crash are too many oddities.

"Why does no one pay attention to the lack of deciphered negotiations of the pilots with the dispatchers who served the aircraft and sent the liner over the epicenter of the battles? Nobody else bothered to answer the questions why there are no data on the movements of anti-aircraft missile systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions", he said.

However, Dutch journalists are excessively delicate. Everything is very clear: after all, for four years the investigation team, led by Western politicians, is trying to far-fetched of the "undeniable fault of Russia". In their view, Moscow a priori is guilty, Dutch investigators simply do not allow another thought. In that case, why undertake an objective and independent investigation? After all, its conclusions can be extremely unprofitable for the Western political elite.

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