Russian Civic Chamber to invite Seagal to civic activists forum in Moscow / News / News agency Inforos
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Russian Civic Chamber to invite Seagal to civic activists forum in Moscow


The Russian Civic Chamber’s Commission for the Development of Public Diplomacy, Humanitarian Cooperation and Traditional Values will invite Hollywood star Steven Seagal, who has been appointed the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Special Envoy for Russian-US Humanitarian Ties, to the final session of the Community Forum set to be held in Moscow, Commission Chair Yelena Sutormina told TASS on Monday.

According to her, the Russian Civic Chamber will host the final session of the Community Forum in Moscow in November. "We will also arrange a roundtable dedicated to public diplomacy, its achievements and issues it has been facing," she said.

"We will definitely invite the recently appointed Russian Foreign Ministry’s special envoy for Russian-US humanitarian ties, Steven Seagal, to take part in the event so that we can work together to outline steps to improve relations between the two countries," Sutormina added.

She also said that political relations between Russia and the United States were going through "a deep crisis stemming from hate for Russia that has seized a number of US state agencies, but the situation needs to be changed." "In this regard, areas that unite people all over the world, such as culture, arts and sports, need special consideration. Mr. Seagal knows it very well as he has been promoting martial arts among the youth for many years and has fans among generations of Russians and Americans," Sutormina noted. She was confident that joint efforts would "make it possible to form an image of true Russia in the eyes of US citizens and provide them with true information [about Russia]."

"I am sure that more cultural workers will join efforts to improve relations between the two key players on the international political stage," Sutormina concluded.

The Russian Civic Chamber hosts forums of civic activists, dubbed Community, in all the Russian federal districts throughout the year. Annual final sessions are usually held in November. Over the past three years, the event involved more than 30,000 participants and 2,000 volunteers.

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