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Black Chocolate to Treat Hypertension

Research conducted by Italian scientists has demonstrated that black chocolate lowers arterial pressure.

It is a known fact that Cuna Indians who inhabit Atlantic islands off Panama's coast do not suffer from high blood pressure though their daily food is very rich in salt. However, as soon as the Indians move to the capital, many of them develop hypertension. The difference is that in their natural habitat the Indians consume much cocoa. And it is cocoa that black chocolate is made of.

20 volunteers took part in the experiment. One group was given 100 grams of black chocolate for 15 days, after which their upper blood pressure went down by 12 points and lower pressure by 9 points. The volunteers of the second group who were given white chocolate showed no change in their blood pressure.

However, scientists warn against excessive consumption of cocoa products, and a rise of their content in the daily food should be accompanied by a reduction in the consumption of other high-energy food stuffs and by physical exercises.
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