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Poisonous Substance Found in Chechnya

Operatives of the Federal Security Service (FSS) and the Interior Ministry have found 17 drums with poisonous substance, dichlorethane.

"The poison was found yesterday in the October District of Grozny during search operations conducted by operatives of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Chechen Interior Ministry and the FSS republican branch", a source said.

Altogether, the drums contained 1,200 liters of dichlorethane. Investigation has been opened.

Dichlorethane belongs to the group of chlorinated hydrocarbons widely used as solvents in many fields of production and domestically for gluing plastics, cleaning clothes, etc. The toxic effect of this substance is manifested by its narcotic action on the nervous system, and sharp dystrophic changes in the liver and kidneys. The lethal dose, if taken orally, is 20 ml. Poisoning occurs, if dichlorethane gets in the organism via the respiratory tract and through the skin.
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