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Yushchenko's Son Takes the Rap

for breaching the Highway Code

Ukraine's Interior Minister, Yuri Lutsenko, has acknowledged that President' son Andrew Yushchenko, driving a BMW M6. violated the Highway Code. He said that much in an official reply to a letter published by the Internet newspaper "Ukrainskaya Pravda" Wednesday, July 27.

The document says that, indeed, July 19, at night, on Lutheranskaya Street, in the center of Kiev, two cars, "Mercedes" and BMW, stopped right on the demarcation strip.

"Considering that the traffic police have been instructed to stop, starting from July 18, 2005, drawing up administrative reports on offences which do not endanger the traffic safety, traffic inspectors Pavlov O.L. and Kasko S.F. gave the offenders a warning, after which the drivers of the said vehicles corrected the offence", the document states.
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