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EU Migrants’ Crisis: Russia’s Fault, Too?

Western media looks for Moscow’s hand in anti-immigration protests in Germany

05.09.2018 17:05 Tim Kirby, political analyst

EU Migrants’ Crisis: Russia’s Fault, Too?

Blaming Russia for somehow interfering in the US presidential election has worked well for the currently ideologically irrelevant Democrats to stay afloat and for Washington as a whole to keep Trump chained to the status quo as much as possible. God forbid, he might actually try to reindustrialize America and either reduce the national budget (taxes) or at least orient the nation on developing the US itself. So far this “collusion” strategy of Post-Modern Progressive Liberals claiming to be on the side of things like patriotism and defending the nation is allowed to fly intellectually by the mainstream media.
It is painful at the root of anyone’s skull to think that those that support open-borders, forced diversity, cultural masochism etc., are claiming that they are the real patriots and are being given a pass to do so. Well if this political tactic of the théâtre de l'absurde can work in the US then it is time for a try in German affairs. The current German state is entrenched in the idea of riding out their policies of the status quo to the bitter end. But this does not affect the government in isolation, their policies are creating many problems for the shrinking German masses.
In the city of Chemnitz, Germany there have been fairly substantial protests from local ethnic-Germans against the government's policy towards immigration due to the fact that the lead suspects in a recent murder in the town are from Syria and Iraq. Europe is suffering crime waves in locations with high-levels of refugees/immigrants from non-European nations say even German sources.
A piece by the Observer makes a bold accusation regarding a possible Moscow role in sparking the Chemnitz protests with their title “The Hidden Russian Hand Behind Germany’s Violent Right-Wing Riots”.

Interestingly the URL of the article has a different and more reasonable title…

“Someone could be guilty of something” shows much more journalistic integrity than “Someone is guilty of something”. It would seem the Western media has completely forgotten its Enlightenment roots, speaking of which The Guardian labeled all the anti-refugee/migrant protestors to be “Neo-Nazis”.
The big question is, how does The Guardian know they are Neo-Nazis? Neo-Nazis have a particular fashion style, gestures, symbols and so on. If we look at video of the Chemnitz protest there are no hordes of skinheads with swastikas heiling Hitler. I think it is the author of the piece at The Guardian who may be the one with the biggotous worldview assuming that anyone who is against immigration is a hardcore Fascist threat to Europe.
Back to the Observer, throughout the article there are many links to articles that link to other articles that contain blogger-style assertions as to the actions of Russia’s GRU working in Europe to organize football hooligans, who lean towards right-wing (i.e. against status-quo EU doctrine) philosophies.
So Russia, without much evidence presented, may have influence over football hooligans. That could be “useful” in some sort of political instability, unfortunately the 30+ military installations that the US has in Germany can do a lot more in a time of crisis. Furthermore, in Germany as a whole and in Chemnitz there is no possibility of a sort of pro-Russian “color revolution” coming to fruition. Revolutions can only succeed in national capitals because they have to oust the previous government. Chemnitz is so far from Berlin that even if there was an uprising, it would do nothing especially with no arms nor supplies.


Color revolutions also demand media influence and there is no way as of this moment that Russia could convince the overwhelming majority of Germans that their government has been overthrown by peaceful middle-class protestors in a city that many forget exists. Furthermore, Russia if it does attempt to influence politics in its near abroad, has horribly failed in the Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia to ward off American, or create pro-Russian color revolutions. Russia’s CNN-confirmed God-like foreign influence for some reason always chokes during color revolutions.
Ironically, it is actually the West’s self-destructive immigration policies that are creating the possibility of political instability in Germany, ironically a Deutsch move towards Russia would make the country more stable because Moscow doesn’t care if they close the borders and boot every refugee out.
We all remember Victoria Nuland's open declaration that the US spent five billion dollars to democratize Ukraine by funding and organizing various different NGOs. This is how you get things done. Although the Observer has accused Russia of funding and backing the Alternative für Deutschland political party they don’t provide much evidence as to the amounts. Also their “amazing” election results of 12.64% of the popular vote indicates that Moscow is not getting nearly as much for their money as Washington is. If the other parties are Coke and Pepsi then Russia has decided to back RC Cola. 
Germany is a country with a completely pro-Western, World Without Borders, Progressive, Postmodern, Pro-NATO, pro-Beltway Narrative Media that is covered by US bases and troops. It has US spies listening to and provenly infiltrating its government . Furthermore with the exception of just a bit of water at the north Germany is completely cut off from Russia meaning if they were to one day go Russky their economy would be choked off from all sides with the possible exception of Switzerland. 
The media, the foreign military presence and the geopolitics of a pro-Russian revolution of some sorts being worked out in Germany are simply impossible. Obviously any powerful country wants to have sway or some bits of influence in one of the world's best economies that is at the center of (or dare I say is the axis of) the EU. No one should doubt that Russia or ANY OTHER POWERFUL COUNTRY may see that it needs to defends its interests in dealing with Germany. This is totally normal but the evidence for a massive conspiracy to overthrow a happy little totally sovereign Germany is just not there.
Although it is impossible to prove motivations, we can deduct that the Observer’s anger is not out of fear of Russia riling up Germany and creating violence for some sort of Right-Wing global agenda, but instead it is because they fear the competition to the monopoly of thought that is in the West right now. The Observer is just trying to deflect the proven domination of Germany by a foreign power onto its competitor. 

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