Pentagon identifies Russia, China as threats to cybersecurity / News / News agency Inforos
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Pentagon identifies Russia, China as threats to cybersecurity


The Pentagon’s new cybersecurity strategy names Russia and China among main threats for US cybersecurity, Fox News reported, citing a report, which is yet to be published, TASS reports.

According to the channel, the document says the United States is facing "an urgent and unacceptable risk" from "malicious cyber activities."

It also says that the US has been "engaged in a long-term strategic competition with China and Russia.

Fox News also cited the report as saying that Russia has allegedly used "cyber-enabled information operations to influence our population and challenge our democratic processes." China, in its turn, was accused of allegedly stealing sensitive information from the US government and private-sector companies.

The report names North Korea and Iran among other countries trying to "to harm US citizens and threaten US interests."

The document also says that Pentagon would "defend forward" by aiming to "disrupt or halt malicious cyber activity at its source, including activity that falls below the level of armed conflict."

Earlier, the administration of US President Donald Trump extended the powers of US cyber forces on preventive hacker attacks and invasions into other states’ computer networks. Last August, the White House said Trump ordered to make the US Cyber Command a separate structure of the US armed forces.

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