Azerbaijan’s president states rapid development of partnership with Russia / News / News agency Inforos
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Azerbaijan’s president states rapid development of partnership with Russia

Azerbaijan’s president states rapid development of partnership with Russia

Close contacts between Azerbaijan and Russia, including high-level ones, are a sign of partnership and friendly relations between Moscow and Baku, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said on Thursday, TASS reported.

"We meet regularly with [Russian President] Vladimir [Putin,] I made an official visit to the Russian Federation in early September, and we held very productive negotiations and a very substantial exchange of opinions on all issues on the agenda," Aliyev said.

He noted that Putin’s arrival to Azerbaijan in less than a month after the previous negotiations "shows the level of relations between us." The Azerbaijani president reiterated that 16 documents were signed during his visit, which will predetermine the gradual development of bilateral relations years ahead.

"President of the Russian Federation [Vladimir] Putin is visiting Azerbaijan for the fourth time in five years, and I also regularly visit Russia. It is also a sign of our partnership and friendly good-neighborly relations between our countries," Aliyev said.

Economic cooperation of the countries

The Azerbaijani president noted the development of trade-economic cooperation. "The trade turnover has been growing both last year and this year. Russia is Azerbaijan’s partner number one for imports and partner number one for exporting our goods in the oil sphere," the Azerbaijani head said.

There are strong ties between Russia and Azerbaijan in the energy and oil and gas sphere. "During my September visit we discussed issues linked to the construction of phase two of the high-voltage electric power transmission line that would make it possible to improve energy exchange and extend cooperation with third countries in this sphere," the Azerbaijani president said.

Azerbaijan also expects the North-South corridor to become one of the most important transport corridors in Eurasia that will help bring the two countries closer to each other."

The participation of the presidents of the two countries in the operation of the Russia-Azerbaijan forum proves the importance attached to interregional cooperation, Aliyev said.

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