Russian Warships Call at Chinese Port / News / News agency Inforos
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Russian Warships Call at Chinese Port

August 12 a squadron of Russian warships arrived at the Chinese port of Tsindao to take part in the preparation and execution of the first-ever joint Russian-Chinese military maneuvers. Commandant of the Russian Pacific Fleet, Admiral Viktor Fedorov, was at the port to meet the ships.

August 13 Russian and Chinese seamen begin a joint preparation for the maneuvers, and August 14 and 15 exercises will be held at sea in the use of weapons, landing operations and staging a military parade. The maneuvers proper begin August 18 and will last for a week.

Western journalists believe that the holding of the maneuvers is linked to the unwillingness of the Russian and Chinese leadership to acquiesce with the US military presence in the region and the threat of the spread of Moslem extremism in Central Asia.
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