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Gamsakhurdia to Fight for Power in Georgia

Yesterday the first meeting of the alternative Central Election Committee set up by the Georgian opposition – the Conservative and the Labor parties, the "New Right" and the "Freedom" political movement – was held in Tbilisi.

At the by-election scheduled for October 1 this year in five constituencies, the opposition has agreed, for the first time, to put up common candidates to challenge the ruling "United National Movement ".

An internal poll is proposed to be held amongst the opposition two weeks before the election, to decide on the names of common candidates.

If the cooperation amongst the opposition proves to be effective, it is not to be ruled out that it will put up a common candidate at the presidential election in 2009. Possibly, it will be head of the "Freedom" movement.

Himself K. Gamsakhurdia who has lived in Switzerland for a long time, but returned to Georgia after the overthrow of Shevardnadze in 2003 believes that "the coordination of the opposition forces in the country is of primary importance, considering that Saakashvili's government has entered on an antidemocratic path".

The "Freedom" political movement had taken part in the past parliamentary election, but failed to win any seats, having come, nonetheless, fourth in the election.
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