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Crossing the Russian-Ukrainian Border May Become More Difficult

starting from January 1, 2006

Russian and Ukrainian citizens may cross the border between the two countries with domestic passports till January 1, 2006. So says a special commentary of the Russian Foreign Ministry published on the Ministry's official site in the Internet.

"In connection with the declaration of Ukraine's First Deputy Foreign Minister, A. Buteiko, that Russia is pressing for the introduction, starting from 2006, of foreign passports for Ukrainian citizens' traveling to Russia, we would like to state that talks are currently underway to revise the lists of documents specified in the 1997 Russian-Ukrainian Agreement on mutual visa-free travel. In particular, an understanding was reached with the Ukrainian party last May to delete from the lists some documents needed for crossing the Russian-Ukrainian state border. At the same time, domestic passports and birth certificates will remain in force till the end of 2005 for citizens' mutual travel.

As for other possible changes, if any, in the lists after January 1, 2006, the Russian and Ukrainian parties will discuss these changes at appropriate consultations by the end of this year", says the commentary of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
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