Civil War Brewing in Israel / News / News agency Inforos
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Civil War Brewing in Israel

August17, at midnight, the deadline set by the Israeli government for the Jewish settlers to leave the Gaza Strip, ran out. Force would be used against those who refuse to leave voluntarily this enclave on Palestine territory.

Reportedly, several settlements have already been abandoned. Authorities believe that after the expiry of the deadline for voluntary evacuation only 600 out of 1600 settler families would remain in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli military and police have restricted journalists, above all foreign ones, access to information on the process of the evacuation of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip. In particular, journalists are prohibited to enter settler houses marked for evacuation and are ordered "to keep away" from areas of possible conflict. Some foreign journalists wishing to work in the Gaza Strip have reportedly signed obligation notes promising not to disseminate information of an "instigating character" that might aggravate the situation.
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