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Russia, US should continue dialogue on arms control - ambassador

Russia, US should continue dialogue on arms control - ambassador

Russia and the United States should maintain dialogue on a wide range of issues, including arms control and nonproliferation, amid current international ‘turbulence’, Russia’s Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov said at an annual meeting of the US-Russia Business Council on Friday.

"It is especially important now, when the architecture of treaties and agreements on arms control and non-proliferation became fractured. First and foremost, it involves the situations with the INF Treaty, the New START, the CTBT and the JCPOA, as well as other documents. There has not been an instance in history, when a collapse of arms control and non-proliferation agreements led to strengthening of global stability," Antonov said.

"Nowadays many look at Russia-US relations from a standpoint of solely geopolitical rivalry," the diplomat stressed. "Allow me to disagree with such evaluation. Historically speaking, our countries have never been enemies. We have no territorial claims to each other," TASS quoted the Ambassador as saying.

"There are many good examples to that. From the declaration of armed neutrality, by which Catherine the Great supported the US in the War of Independence, to the Crimean War, when American surgeons lead by a prominent Russian surgeon Nikolai Pirogov worked at the hospitals of the besieged city of Sevastopol," he recalled.

"From the American Civil War, when Russia was the only European country to support President Abraham Lincoln, to the Second World War, when the Soviet Union and the U.S. were allies. Russia was among the first countries to support the U.S. in the fight against terrorism after the tragic events of September 11," Antonov said.

Russia’s ambassador urged to preserve "positive aspects of Russia-US relations."

US-Russia Economic Council as venue for business ties

The US-Russia Business Council (USRBC), based in Washington, D.C., with an office in Moscow, is the premier US-based trade association representing the interests of about 170 US and Russian member companies on commercial matters. Among the council’s members are major corporations from the Fortune Global 500 list along with companies that specialize in target sectors of the Russian and US markets and the Russian companies seeking to propel their business to the international level.

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