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France is not Ukraine, Macron is not Yanukovych

Globalists want to reinstate control over France

France is not Ukraine, Macron is not Yanukovych

             All the time I hear comments of our correspondents, TV and radio anchors and even political experts about events in France, I cannot help to be astonished that editors and journalists even of federal (!) TV channels are absolutely incapable of understanding the essence of events in Europe and explaining them to their audiences. Almost every one of them makes information pieces based on texts of Russian and Western news agencies that reprint the same clichés. And here they are, "people rose in rebellion" (they rose in France and they did not rise other European countries for some reasons), "people fight for freedom" (however, slogans of protesters include a motley collection of demands such as petrol prices, housing prices, salaries and so on that are used to disguise the real goals of the mass riots masterminds), "Macron is not popular" (as if his predecessor was popular), etc.

            Some especially "advanced" journalists are trying to finds some parallels between rioting Paris and the Kyiv Maidan and are surprised that all famous European politicians who wholeheartedly welcomed the Ukrainian revolution of saucepans are not on the side of saucepans owners but on the side of owners of yachts, mansions and banks when it came to mass protests in France.

            However, there are journalists, mainly from patriotic media, who are happy about the events in France and are pouring derisions, "Did you want a Maidan in Moscow? Now you have got it in Paris and Brussels!"

            How shabby is this... Nothing do journalists and other ordinary people, especially the revolutionary masses that reproduce themselves like toadstools in various countries, learn from the lessons of the Kyiv Maidan, the Arab Spring, or the recent coup in Armenia. It is out of fashion to think and to understand. It is fashionable to be with advanced trends, even if these trends are criminal.

            Those who like to shout in streets of European capitals, then play dirty tricks and lie low afterwards, seem to divide everything into black (somewhat evil) and white (somewhat good). Note that the white is not where the truth is but is where money is paid. And not only ordinary people but also a major part of journalists are incapable of seeing and understanding this dimension. It is all about real motives rather than intentions and declarations. And these motives come to light when we search for those who paid for this revolution rather than those who would profit from it.

Many would profit from a Maidan in Paris. The right-wingers believe it is time to start defending France from migrants, the left-wingers think it is time to protect themselves from the right-wingers, and both of them don't like Macron. But global players rather than local politics goers set the tone in France and it is they who direct the crowds of small French beneficiaries.

            Time has passed when spontaneous rebellions of slaves and other suppressed classes against their masters were a common thing. Every potential rebel is well known in advance, and if this rebel is not in jail by the time of "a revolution", he is inevitably bought, sold and bought again by those who are interested in nipping revolutions in the bud.

            All leaders of present-day revolutions are professionals, meaning that they are not professional rebels but that they are selling their skills and expertise, ability to ignite a crowd, to organize riots, to provoke authorities for taking disproportional measures and so on.

            Manipulating a crowd in the era of massification of behavioral patterns is becoming a profession that is increasingly in demand. Some global forces seek changing the world order, others seek keeping it intact. All together they use services of those who are able to make people rise in rebellion and make them calm down. Mass riots and their support in the information space are more frequently becoming serious and even decisive arguments in rivalry of various oligarchs.

            No doubt that the Kyiv Maidan was organized by those global players that needed to not just seize power in Ukraine but to seize Ukraine itself. The attack on Yanukovych was a special operation of Western corporations that invested into the Ukrainian venture project and made profit that exceeds manifold the amount of investments. And the fact that this country inhabited by dozens of millions of Homo Sovieticus seeking a free ride everywhere was easy to swindle was of course taken into account when the Revolution of Dignity was launched in Ukraine.

            Ordinary people don't see real goals and the real contents of revolutions. They don't see essential processes and their origins. They see just the uniform – orange or yellow spots on the black background, agitation, adrenaline, catchy and in general fair slogans, etc. They don't see that "rebels" for some reason hide their faces behind masks and what is more they don't see at all script writers, directors and producers of the show.

            Who is the script writer of the Paris show? Left-wingers? Right-wingers? Alas, none of them. The main script writer is the same as in case with Kyiv – globalists. So, we are fed today with a theory saying that guttersnipes are rebelling in Paris, while in fact protests in France's capital are an action directed exactly against those guttersnipes. Having raised residents of Paris (mainly unemployed people from Paris suburbs, migrants and other precariat, and of course mainly for money) against the current authorities, globalists want to again take France (and later Germany) under their control.

            And Macron is no better than anyone else who would replace him. He is nothing. He is a zero among political leaders, a self-centered and not very smart puppet. But it is important that he is puppet of the forces that control today not only Macron but also Trump, of the forces that challenged globalists, in particular American democrats. The incumbent French president knows well who is who. He knows that bankers, not people, elected him, and that is why he keeps calm: it is important what will bankers decide and don't care about people in the street. Until Macron is backed with money, French elite and army will be on his side. France is not Ukraine under Yanukovych, when the president was the head of state just nominally and depended on himself only.

            So, it is not the future of democracy that is being decided upon in Paris today and it is not the future of France that is just a pawn in the global game. The fight for redistributing the world between two oligarchic groups, globalists and national racists, is underway entailing all other consequences. People in this process are just cannon fodder, just accounts in social networks gathered for flash mobs at orders of paid providers and anonymous network moderators.

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