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On the pretext of environmental considerations

anti-Russian rhetoric is still life credo of the circumpolar countries

On the pretext of environmental considerations

Russia was the first country to apply to the UN Commission for expanding its Arctic shelf outside 200-mile exclusive economic zone. It happened 17 years ago on December 20, 2001. The application had been rejected on the grounds of its lack of evidence. Partial reinterpretation of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean was introduced to the UN Commission in 2014. In 2016 Russia provided the UN Commission with additional justification for boundary changes within its 41th session. If the application is approved 1.2 sq. km of the Arctic will become a part of Russia. Consideration of the application is projected to take at about 4 years.

In the meantime, Denmark, Canada, Norway and it goes without saying the USA have applied to the United Nation Commission in order to catch up their positions in the “Arctic battle”.

It becomes clear that this battle is gaining momentum in a new and difficult geopolitical situation. We regret to state that the major figures in the Arctic question (in particular Washington) use all available geopolitical levers to prevent Russian supremacy in the region and deprive Moscow its historic territory.

We are talking about activities of such non-governmental organizations as Greenpeace that has repeatedly made accusations against Russia. It should be reminded that Greenpeace’s activists organized an action “Save the Arctic” in 2013. They attempted to get into Russian oil platform “Prirazlomnaya” in the Pechora sea in protest of mining in the Arctic. Activists stated that Russian activity in the region is illegal and very harmful for the environment. Action was stopped by FSB officers. Two activists had been detained.

Talking about environmental threats in the Arctic Greenpeace overlooked the other and more dangerous facts. For example, they are silent about side effect of the shale revolution that the USA tries to impose to the world as the most lucrative energy alternative. The matter is that this technology is based on the hydraulic fracturing method that leads to the emergence of benzene, toluene and other harmful for people and the environment impurities in tube-well water.

This leads to the disappointing conclusion that such west organizations are mercenaries in a special field. The USA and their allies use fragile Arctic environment as a mean of promoting their own interests in the region and forget about political decency and honesty. It would be fa better to divert attention to the real problems in the region and to cooperate with other circumpolar countries. But it seems that anti-Russian rhetoric (in spite of the absence of evidence) is still life credo of the circumpolar countries subordinated to the USA.

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