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Americans Advised How They Can Save on Gas

With the price hikes on gas, various US organizations begin to publish advice for motorists wishing to save on gas. Thus, the American Petroleum Institute gives the following recommendations.

The car engine should be in good repair. A well-tuned engine allows for driving one additional mile (about 1.8 km) on a gallon of gas (about 2.78 liters). Tire pressure should be looked after (saving the same amount of gas - one additional mile per gallon). The faster you drive, the more gas is consumed (about two miles are lost at the speed rising by 18 km per hour). Abrupt starting should be avoided. While on the road, drive smoothly – frequent stopping, accelerating and braking lead to a loss of 2 miles per gallon. Try to avoid engine idling. Use air conditioner sparingly, it consumer too much power.

For its turn, the Federal Trade Commission recommends observing the speed limit on the road and avoid aggressive driving Also, car trips should be well-planned in advance, with one long trip being preferable to several short ones. Avoid overloading the car (extra 100 kg increase gas consumption by 2 percent). Avoid putting any load on the luggage rack at the car roof, it decreases the effectivity of the car by 5 percent. You can save on gasoline, if you change oil and oil filters frequently and use the gas brand recommended by the maker. Do not buy any contraptions whose makers promise you to drastically raise the effectivity of the car, as research has proved that. as a rule, such goods are useless or even harmful to the engine.
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