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British media launch another wave of Skripal-related fakes

A new anti-Russian information campaign is in sight as the Salisbury incident anniversary is approaching

British media launch another wave of Skripal-related fakes

            British police believe that five Russian citizens may have been involved in the Skripal poisoning incident in Salisbury, the Daily Mail has recently reported citing a source in the county's security agencies. The daily reported that police would brief the British government on the involvement of two more men in the Skripal poisoning "within weeks."

            It is likely that "the evidence" will be presented closer to March 4 that will mark the first anniversary of the incident in Salisbury, where, as British authorities claim, two "officers of the Main Intelligence Directorate" Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov tried to poison ex-colonel of the Russian military intelligence Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. A recent report of London police  that a potential third participant emerged in the "Sripal case," again "officer of the Main Intelligence Directorate" Sergei Fedotov, who is now in either Russia or Britain, is also likely to mark this date.

            Official London has provided no evidence of Fedotov's involvement into the Salisbury incident to Moscow, just as it was in case of Petrov and Boshirov, mere allegations and speculations that have no proof.

            However, there is still absolutely no information about Skripal himself. It has never been publicized since March 4, 2018. Is he dead or alive? How does he feel? What does he think about the Salisbury incident? It is a very weird situation, keeping in mind that the UN Security Council was convened to discuss the incident.

            And there are plenty of fairytales that anonymous sources with British special services feed "trusting" journalists with. And now reports about more killers appear instead of answers to these apparent questions.

            "The agent used to poison double spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter and Britons who were nearby by accident was in the car's ventilation system. The agent was on a door handle. The agent was in the daughter's suitcase. A bouquet of flowers on the wife's tomb was sprayed with the agent. Just as food in a restaurant. Beer in a pub. A bench on which the Skripals were found. The poison was produced simultaneously in Russia, Uzbekistan, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the United States."

            This is a comment of one of the authors of the website who ironically commented on the scandal involving the poisoning of traitor Sergei Skripal in Salisbury that London is so strenuously fanning and ridiculous, fantastic things that accompany it in order to blame and blaspheme Russia at any cost. The commentator made a quite logical conclusion that is hard to disagree with, "The Salisbury poisoning is a very English murder." Indeed, it incorporates Agatha Christie's fascinating novels with all their exotic poisons and piles of fake theories and famous adventures of 007, James Bond, from Jan Fleming's books.

            Fun is fun but the whole Western world that is allied with London takes the Skripal poisoning absolutely seriously. They try to accuse Russia virtually of an international conspiracy to kill "downed pilot" Skripal, who no one needs, in a manner that is dangerous for the international community, by the Novichok nerve agent.

            To be fair the Britons have partly attained their goal. Anti-Russian hysteria was unleashed on London's tip in both Britain and the Western world in general, while the level of Russophobic sentiments has reached an unparalleled scale. For example, London expelled 23 Russian diplomats after the Salisbury incident. London promoted international anti-Russian economic sanctions, is forming its own "Magnitsky list" and is threatening Moscow even militarily.

            Today, a media outlet that has not "smeared" Russia, that has not accused Moscow of all deadly sins is unlikely to be found on the British Isles.

            It appears that as the first anniversary of the Salisbury incident is getting closer, the more fierce attacks on Russia will be, and London will launch even broader information campaign to collect even more new "evidence" of Moscow's involvement in "the Skripal case." Although sane people all over the world, including in Britain, understand that it was London that masterminded the Salisbury incident. For example, hackers from the Anonymous group have recently published documents proving that the United Kingdom was preparing "the Skripal case" four years ago.

            To be more specific hackers found out that Victor Madeira from the Institute for Statecraft conceived the idea of imposing sanctions against Russia. It was he who voiced it in early 2015 suggesting to replay Operation FOOT that resulted in the expulsion of 105 Soviet diplomats from the United Kingdom in 1971. It seems that the history is getting back to where it started. London has failed to invent something new over this time...

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